Students in grades K-12 attend classes once a week. Students in 7th grade (B'nai Mitzvah year) attend twice weekly. Students in Grades K-3 have two meeting day options.

Our optional Grades 4-7, no additional fee Thursday Enrichment Program, offers students extra review time and enhanced learning opportunities. It is a supplementary program for students who have missed class or need more personalized attention with the course work. It also is an attractive way to help new students get the extra support needed to fully integrate into our program.

Our rich curriculum, developmentally appropriate for each grade level, includes lessons in Jewish culture, holidays, traditions and thoughts, Hebrew and prayers, understanding the Shabbat service and topical issues. Through hands-on projects, special events, trips, art and cooking activities, Jewish dramatic arts, social action programs and much more, students will gain knowledge of their Jewish heritage in an effort to help create strong Jewish identity.

Students are recognized at year's end for attending the same number of Shabbat services at Shir Shalom as their grades. This program helps to reinforce the temple and community relationship with the school.

Our unique Mentor and Leader Programs encourage trained high school aged students to be teachers and general assistants. These programs benefit our high school aged students, our younger students, the classroom teachers, and they also act as role models for our younger Religious School students.

We offer interactive family education programs for all grades to integrate families into our program. There are many opportunities for families and siblings to join us for special occasions and for RS services every day of the week school meets.

Our professional staff of teachers-- including a team of high school Mentors, Leaders and Volunteers, all help to provide a strong foundation for our school.